The books which positively impacted my University life


Hi everyone. I have recently become a SkillStruct Champion, and this is my first blog. This blog will discuss a couple of books that had significantly impacted my experience at University. In particular, the final year project. I recently just finished Uni and looking back, these books helped me a lot and hope it does the same with you. 

Book one

During the summer before the final year of University, I read a book called “Planning and Implementing your Final Year Project with Success!”  which was recommended by a SkillStructor. This book helped me to define the main and secondary objectives for my project idea which allowed me to begin working on the project proposal at an earlier stage. It also explained all the phases within the lifecycle of the project from research to evaluation. Most importantly, that book resulted in me to ask myself questions on how I was going to score high in the project. Before reading the book, I knew I wanted to score high in the Final Year Project but did not know how I was going to conduct it in an organised and professional manner. As a result of reading the book, I felt confident in conducting the project.  

Book two

The second book I recommend is called “From Fear to Fire” by Kris Dawkins. This book helped me to get through the Final Year of University, knowing that I gave it 100% of my efforts to ensure I achieve my goal of achieving a First class. The book covered topics including the importance of developing one’s mental toughness and techniques for developing mental toughness such as meditation. Before reading the book, I saw failure as a negative and did not believe in myself to get through the final year of University. I had bad thoughts about how I was going to handle the challenges throughout the final year such as getting poor grades. Reading this book, during the summer, transformed my life as I now see failure is an opportunity to grow and I was able to have the mental toughness to strive through the various challenges and was able to finish University. I wish I read this book back when I was doing GCSEs as I would have been an unstoppable machine! I recommend this book to anyone, even my future kids as that was how much that book impacted me. 


There you go, these are the books which I highly recommend to anyone. I finished my final year of University and I am proud of myself for having the strength and willpower to plough through the challenges that arised. My strength and willpower, stemmed from the valuable teachings provided in the recommended books, will continue to persist throughout the next chapters in my life. Hopefully, you too will be impacted by these books. 

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SkillStructor KD. 

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