If you are a Games developer learn Unity – #SU Edition

Here is an article for gaming enthusiasts and developers to learn why the C# based language Unity is one that should be aware of and begin to explore more practically – and this is the blog to start!

If you are a developer learn C#

Want to learn a programming language? Check out this blog on C-Sharp (C#) and get to know why Csharp might be the language to learn.

Summer work experience insights

An insight into the benefits of work experience and why it is worth investing in this now for your future,

Writing a CV for a job in the Technology Industry

This is the CV Blog you need to get into the Technology Industry

My Journey Through Finance – #SU Edition

Introduction Growing up I’ve always known that I wanted to be involved in the finance industry, from studying economics and mathematics at A-level to accounting and finance at University and now working as a Graduate Tax Consultant at Deloitte. My desire to be a part of the industry has grown. I have explored several areas…
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Studying abroad and its benefits for career development

This blog is a personal account of a member of SkillStruct University and their experience studying abroad and how it changed their career for the better

A digital forensic breakdown – #SU Edition

An insight into the world of digital forensics and the misconceptions

Internship insights with SkillStruct

This is a intern insight giving their experience of working for a early careers tech firm

A fresh(ers) guide to coding – #SU Edition

A guide to software development from a University student


Introduction Graduating from university is exciting because you complete the journey into academic education, start the adventure into a professional career, and begin adulthood. Here are the things that I wish I knew after getting a computer science degree. Coding at university is different from coding in a professional setting At university, courses give you…
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