How to move after Graduation – #SU Edition

This blog is for graduates and how to start planning your career, education yourself and searching for jobs

Life after University – #SU Edition

Intro You have graduated from university. After graduation, you ask yourself what is next. There are many choices you can make. You could travel around the world. You could do a masters. You might or might not know what you want to do next. Do not worry, there is plenty of time to think about…
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A Survival Guide for Virtual learning – #SU Edition

Introduction The not too recent turn of events had certainly tested the limits of our resilience and put great emphasis on the importance of maintaining good health and wellbeing by paying particular attention to the state of our mental health. Remote learning, virtual lectures, homeschooling, and social distancing, were not our ideal choice but here…
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When you first get a job as a Junior Developer – #SU Edition

## Introduction I recently completed my final year studying Computer Science and for the last year, I have been receiving career mentoring through the SkillStruct University Network. After completing the final year of my degree last year, I was able to land a role as a Junior Front-end developer. I decided to write this blog to…
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The art of virtual networking

Intro You have just secured for a virtual internship and you are thinking about how to make the most of it. You have just RSVP’d yes to an online virtual event and you are thinking about how to make the most it. You have just got a role in a new organization you are now…
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Dealing with rejection – #SU Edition

Intro You have probably received an email starting with the sentence: “Thank you for your interest in this role… on this occasion, you have not been unsuccessful”. Although it can be disheartening, a rejection email is more than just being turned down.  It is an indication that there is work to do. It will motivate…
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The books which positively impacted my University life – #SU Edition

Intro Hi everyone. I have recently become a SkillStruct Champion, and this is my first blog. This blog will discuss a couple of books that had significantly impacted my experience at University. In particular, the final year project. I recently just finished Uni and looking back, these books helped me a lot and hope it does the same with you.  Book…
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The Mouse Trap

Intro First of all, I would like to point out that this is not a blog about Tom and Jerry. This blog is about the leveraging the Keyboard. The Keyboard is a Superhero which most of us use but never use to its full potential. It’s power? It can control time. Now, what do I…
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Es decir en inglés

Hola amigo, mientras continúo mi viaje aprendiendo español me doy cuenta que digo “es decir” en inglés mucho con otras personas que están aprendiendo inglés, entonces pensé por qué no escribo algo para ayudarte a aprender algunas de las palabras que son comunes en inglés. Así que lee adelante una lista de cosas que decimos en…
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The Interview

Intro Thank you for taking the time…Congratulations. After days/weeks/months of applying doing various numerical/reasoning/verbal tests, you finally get an opportunity for a new role. Adrenaline subsides and you realise now it is time to prepare for the interview. This blog will take you through some of the things you should be doing to prepare for…
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