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My Journey Through Finance – #SU Edition

Introduction Growing up I’ve always known that I wanted to be involved in the finance industry, from studying economics and mathematics at A-level to accounting and finance at University and now working as a Graduate Tax Consultant at Deloitte. My desire to be a part of the industry has grown. I have explored several areas…
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How to move after Graduation – #SU Edition

This blog is for graduates and how to start planning your career, education yourself and searching for jobs

Life after University – #SU Edition

Intro You have graduated from university. After graduation, you ask yourself what is next. There are many choices you can make. You could travel around the world. You could do a masters. You might or might not know what you want to do next. Do not worry, there is plenty of time to think about…
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Dealing with rejection – #SU Edition

Intro You have probably received an email starting with the sentence: “Thank you for your interest in this role… on this occasion, you have not been unsuccessful”. Although it can be disheartening, a rejection email is more than just being turned down.  It is an indication that there is work to do. It will motivate…
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The Marathon

Intro Why the marathon? What is the meaning? The marathon is a great analogy for explaining any ambitious task. In a marathon, you start an action (the race) leverage time (also distance) and then subsequently finish an action (race/task completed). It can be a daunting task when thinking about any ambitious task. You cannot complete…
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The Mental Challenge

Intro – The hood trap It’s time to lift the hood. We have all experienced poor mental health, we all have had our down days, we all do. It’s time to lift the hood and look around and support each other, recognize that there is only one race that unites us, the human race and…
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