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FYP Success: Musicology in the form of PI (Part two)

The 2nd part of the dissertation blog, which breaks down the fundamentals to have a successful final year project (dissertation).

A Survival Guide for Virtual learning – #SU Edition

Introduction The not too recent turn of events had certainly tested the limits of our resilience and put great emphasis on the importance of maintaining good health and wellbeing by paying particular attention to the state of our mental health. Remote learning, virtual lectures, homeschooling, and social distancing, were not our ideal choice but here…
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The books which positively impacted my University life – #SU Edition

Intro Hi everyone. I have recently become a SkillStruct Champion, and this is my first blog. This blog will discuss a couple of books that had significantly impacted my experience at University. In particular, the final year project. I recently just finished Uni and looking back, these books helped me a lot and hope it does the same with you.  Book…
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FYP Sucess: Musicology in the form of PI (Part one)

Intro In this blog series I am going to take you through the stages of my Final Year Project (FYP). I am going to explain my FYP and demonstrate, how applying an idea with skill and structure, you can do well in your FYP. In part one of the series I am going to explain…
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