SkillStruct University Testimonials

Ayo’s Story – Graduate Developer @ Vodafone 2021

“SkillStruct played a key role in the success of securing my grad role. They hosted really engaging workshops, demonstrating how you can be successful in the application process for different jobs. This allowed me to gain valuable skills and commercial awareness in future tech roles. SkillStruct have a strong desire for helping young people, I personally had 1-1 sessions with them, looking at my CV and getting their guidance on interviewing techniques which proved to pay dividends, as I secured a place on Vodafone’s Software Engineering Graduate 2021 Program.”

Bernadett’s Story – Digital Forensic Analyst @ Anglo American 2021

“Since I joined the SkillStruct University Network, I have only had positive experiences. I was feeling a bit lost with regards to my career, I felt like I hit a dead spot. What really helped me out of it was knowing that there was a supportive network out there. Finding a job is never easy, there is a lot of rejection, and it can take a long time. However, a talk with SkillStruct helped me see past these rejections and provided insight into what companies are looking for. I was never a big fan of tests and assignments as a part of the recruitment process, I always failed these, but they explained to me how to shift my viewpoint and how to better prepare for them the next time I must take one. I am very happy in my new role at Anglo American and having SkillStruct helped me better prepare for the interview, so I am very grateful to be part of such a supportive community.”

Sanchit’s Story – SDE Intern @ Amazon 2021

“Everyone always sees the results someone has achieved but often forgets the work that they put in behind the scenes. I’m here to underline the plethora of expert help and uniquely tailored advice SkillStruct provided to elevate me into this fortunate position I’m in today. From events highlighting the power of the STAR model to one-to-one interview-prep sessions with the founder Michael Olatokun himself puts into perspective the dedication this initiative has to offer. Giving interviews became second nature after aligning myself with SkillStruct and helped me secure multiple internship offers in both banks and the technology industry. You rarely come across such a helpful initiative like SkillStruct – not once has this program failed me. I’m proud to dedicate myself to something I strongly believe in as a SkillStruct Ambassador and highly recommend this to anyone who wants to grow their career”.

“SkillStruct helped me to plan for my individual project as part of the final academic year at University. “

“The plethora of opportunities and insight provided by skillstruct have been fantastic. “

“The organization was key in terms of improving my employability skills.”

“The SkillStruct platform has really aided my career development.”

“SkillStruct and SkillStruct University network has been ever so helpful and allowed me to explore pathways in my career as a young aspiring software engineer.

“SkillStruct was key in terms of improving my employability skills. In particular, practising mock interviews allowed me to secure a job as a software developer as a recent graduate.”.

“Thanks to Skillstruct, I’ve started writing blogs with the intention to motivate and inspire people.”

“SkillStruct’s impact on empowering young people in their career development is huge.”

“SkillStruct’s impact on empowering young people in their career development is huge.”

If you are a student, recently finished compulsory education with a passion for tech reach out to sign-up here.

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