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If you are a Games developer learn Unity – #SU Edition

Here is an article for gaming enthusiasts and developers to learn why the C# based language Unity is one that should be aware of and begin to explore more practically – and this is the blog to start!

If you are a developer learn C#

Want to learn a programming language? Check out this blog on C-Sharp (C#) and get to know why Csharp might be the language to learn.

Writing a CV for a job in the Technology Industry

This is the CV Blog you need to get into the Technology Industry

Internship insights with SkillStruct

This is a intern insight giving their experience of working for a early careers tech firm

A fresh(ers) guide to coding – #SU Edition

A guide to software development from a University student

The Mouse Trap

Intro First of all, I would like to point out that this is not a blog about Tom and Jerry. This blog is about the leveraging the Keyboard. The Keyboard is a Superhero which most of us use but never use to its full potential. It’s power? It can control time. Now, what do I…
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