Tech book giveaway

Thanks to a collaborative effort with O’Reilly Media we have 10s of technology books to giveaway to young people in the UK, Ireland and members of our network. Check out our campaign video here.

For your chance to win a book all you need to do is send us a video message about why you want a book from the list below. You can either send us a dm on Twitter/Insta/TikTok @skillstruct, @SkillStruct University on LinkedIn or email us at

Book NameDescriptionEditionPublisherStatus
Learn to ProgramStep by step guide to program3rd EditionO’Reilly Media Gone
97 Things Every Java Programmer Should KnowCollective Wisdom from the Experts1st EditionO’Reilly Media Available
97 Things Every Programmer Should KnowCollective Wisdom from the Experts1st EditionO’Reilly MediaAvailable
A Common-Sense Guide to Data Structures and Algorithms, Second EditionLevel Up Your Core Programming Skills2nd EditionPragmatic BookshelfAvailable
Building MicroservicesDesigning Fine-Grained Systems2nd EditionO’Reilly MediaAvailable
C# 9.0 in a NutshellThe Definitive Reference1st EditionO’Reilly MediaAvailable
Data Science for BusinessWhat You Need to Know about Data Mining and Data-Analytic Thinking1st EditionO’Reilly MediaAvailable
Data Science from ScratchFirst Principles with Python2nd EditionO’Reilly MediaGone
Head First C#A Learner’s Guide to Real-World Programming with C# and .NET Core4th EditionO’Reilly MediaAvailable
Head First Learn to CodeA Learner’s Guide to Coding and Computational Thinking1st EditionO’Reilly MediaAvailable
JavaScript EverywhereBuilding Cross-Platform Applications with GraphQL, React, React Native, and Electron1st EditionO’Reilly MediaAvailable
Learning AlgorithmsA Programmer’s Guide to Writing Better Code1st EditionO’Reilly MediaGone
Learning PHP, MySQL & JavaScriptA Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Dynamic Websites6th EditionO’Reilly MediaAvailable
Learning ServerlessDesign, Develop and Deploy with Confidence1st EditionO’Reilly MediaAvailable
Learning SQLGenerate, Manipulate, and Retrieve Data3rd EditionO’Reilly MediaAvailable
Practical Statistics for Data Scientists50+ Essential Concepts Using R and Python2nd EditionO’Reilly MediaAvailable
Python Brain TeasersExercise Your Mind1st EditionPragmatic BookshelfAvailable
Python Data Science HandbookEssential Tools for Working with Data1st EditionO’Reilly MediaAvailable
Python for Data AnalysisData Wrangling with Pandas, NumPy, and Python2nd EditionO’Reilly MediaAvailable
Real-World Software DevelopmentA Project-Driven Guide to Fundamentals in Java1st EditionO’Reilly MediaAvailable
A selection of books for the SkillStruct Tech Giveaway
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