Welcome to SkillStruct, what is SkillStruct all about? To put it simply SkillStruct combines two concepts into one. Skills which can range from being able to write code, understanding different languages, solving a rubix cube. Integrated with the idea of Structure a routine, a plan. Combining both skill and structure will enable you to leverage your skill to its full potential. 

How can I create real value?

Everyone has a skill in life, but not everyone makes a life with their skill. What I mean is many people go through life acknowledging what their talent is but that’s just it, they may display it/them only during a family get together or after work but not during “work”. We believe when you combine skill and structure you create real value.

Quick thought experiment

I want you to imagine someone you know who is talented and has a skill in something. Now, I already premised this blog with everyone has a skill so you can all play along. Next filter that list of people with those who do not leverage this skill i.e. they have an occupation which has nothing to do with their skill(s). I want you to pause and think why this may be the case? Are they not good enough? Well having the skills implies the contrary. Are they not hardworking enough? Most people work a 9 to 5 job which is one of the hardest kinds of work to do.

Our quest

We at SkillStruct believe that structure is needed for most people to leverage their skills. Moreover, a routine which is unique to you based on your lifestyle and career path. With structure and skill success grows. What is interesting about this from our prospective (no bias) is that as Software Developers, we are using these principles from the software world to bring a solid foundation to skills to aid people to leverage their skills more. So, what you will see on this platform is blogs about structure and skills as well as services we offer including tips and tricks our experience has granted us.

Even though the thought experiment is over feel free to reach out and contact us and ask those questions of how and make inquiries about our services, we are also big on feedback so feel free to share your thoughts!

SkillStructor MO.

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